818.00/3–1248: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Costa Rica


52. Dept is much concerned over recent political trends in Costa Rica and possibility of further deterioration into bloodshed which might develop into armed civil struggle. You may in your discretion inform President Picado of this country’s deep concern over situation and [Page 493] express our hope that problem may be solved within limits traditional constitutional processes in observance of which Costa Rica has justifiable pride. In event you consider it desirable to approach Picado along these lines it is suggested that you impress on him our hope that he will use his influence to the end that both contending candidates maintain existing truce for such period as may be necessary to find solution to crisis.

You should stress that your conversation is entirely informal and that our views are expressed solely as those of a friendly power which has long admired Costa Rica’s democratic tradition and considers it important that it be maintained in this critical world period.