818.00/3–248: Telegram

The Ambassador in Costa Rica (Davis) to the Secretary of State


66. At noon today I had informal conversation with President’s military aide asking him convey to President my purely personal observations on continued siege of locality in which Ulate (reEmbtel 65 March 2) and his companions have taken refuge pointing out possibility of shedding innocent blood including that of American citizens resident in neighboring houses. Aide told me negotiations continue between Archbishop and government and that Venezuelan Minister has received instructions offer refuge. I suggested desirability withdrawal all irregular military forces and provision adequate safeguards personal safety through regular military forces. Subsequently I learned General René Picado1 threatens open artillery fire on area tonight if Ulate does not surrender.

In effort ascertain progress negotiations I have just received message from President’s secretary stating all negotiations in hands of his brother René this despite apparently reliable reports negotiations with President himself. I have made every effort persuade Americans concerned take elementary precaution of moving elsewhere time being. [Page 490] With Ulate hiding place surrounded plans for general strike if still contemplated not fully materialized though business houses generally shut. Alajuela waterworks damaged by bomb suspending service Pacific railway. Water system town of Desamparados also dynamited. Public services normal in San José. Panair flights suspended Taca flights continue but planes not based here.

Sent Department as 66, repeated CA missions.

  1. Minister of Public Security.