835.24/4–2748: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Belgium


656. Reurtels 850 and 851 Apr 27.1

Deptel 606 Apr 23 which you say was garbled in transmission was rptd to you Apr 28.
Proposed note your 851 is correct statement of corresponding portions Deptel 606. However we prefer that note not be presented to Belgians, since we believe negotiations this subject should be handled primarily by Brit. Dept has felt consistently that Brit should take initiative in accomplishing solution and for that reason requested in Deptel 606 that you arrange with Brit how matter could best be settled with Belgians. In this connection we assume you may count on full Brit cooperation in view of London’s A–938 Apr 21 (copy of which was sent you) concerning Bevin’s personal interest in matter.
Re your point that Brit should insure that tanks are not required by other Western Union powers, see Deptel 606 Apr 23 suggesting that permanent Five Power Military Committee should make this determination.
Considerations mentioned your 850 re balance armaments South America were taken in account by Dept and Army in reaching position stated Deptel 606.
Re suggestion conclusion your 850 we feel that question of tanks should not become involved in any way with ERP.
  1. Neither printed.