Editorial Note

Termination of the agreement of April 19, 1943, with Guatemala concerning the exploitation and development of cinchona on the El Porvenir plantation was settled by the agreement and contract of sale entered into on December 4, 1948, by the Guatemalan Government and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation; this agreement, terminating the latter’s activities at the El Porvenir plantation and selling [Page 259] to the Guatemalan Government surplus property in the amount of $100,000, was transmitted to the Department of State in despatch 636, December 20, 1948, not printed (814.6173/12–2048).

In despatch 137, March 16, 1949, not printed, the Embassy in Guatemala transmitted an exchange of notes with the Guatemalan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, November 9, 1948, and March 3, 1949, conveying assurances from the Guatemalan Government that (1) any strains of high yielding cinchona developed on this plantation would be made available for propagation and experimental purposes to scientists designated by the United States Government and (2) the Guatemalan Government would not permit this plantation at any time in the future to fall directly or indirectly under the control of any cinchona or quinine world-wide monopoly with headquarters outside the Western Hemisphere (814.6173/3–1649).