Editorial Note

In despatch 383, August 5, 1948, not printed, the Chargé in Costa Rica (Donovan) transmitted to the Department of State a report (and pertinent documents) concerning the termination of the agreements of March 12, 1943 and March 21, 1944 with Costa Rica, which established the American Cinchona Plantation at Isla Bonita, and the transfer on July 31, 1948 of this project from the United States Government to the Costa Rican Government (818.6173/8–548). For text of the agreement of March 12, 1943 and related documentation, see Foreign Relations, 1943, volume VI, pages 94100.

In despatch 546, November 5, 1948, not printed, the Embassy in Costa Rica transmitted to the Department copies of an exchange of notes with the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, September 9 and November 2, 1948, giving assurances to the United States Government that the Costa Rican Government (1) would make available to appropriate scientists designated by the United States any strains of high yielding cinchona that might be developed for propagation and experimental purposes and (2) would not permit the plantation at any future time to fall directly or indirectly under the control of any world-wide cinchona or quinine monopoly with headquarters outside the Western Hemisphere (818.6173/11–548).