811.20 Defense(M)/2–1748

Memorandum by the Director of the Office of American Republic Affairs (Daniels) to the Assistant Chief of the Division of River Plate Affairs (Atwood)


In connection with the attached memorandum of March 121 from IK, Mr. Anderson, and specifically Appendix II thereof, please take up with the respective country desk officers and Division Chiefs the possibility of the Department’s taking immediate action at this time to overcome any obstacles which may exist to the fullest possible procurement, and if necessary, production of the strategic materials we need.

It may be that there are specific instances in one country or another where, through some sort of diplomatic representations, we might further the objectives of this program.2

I suggest you let Mr. Anderson know what action, if any, is taken pursuant to this suggestion.

  1. Supra.
  2. In reply, Mr. Atwood informed Mr. Daniels, in memorandum of March 25, not printed, that no immediate action (diplomatic representations) was called for at that time with regard to the obstacles which existed to the procurement and production of strategic materials, and he suggested certain factors that might increase production: (1) construction and rehabilitation of roads and railroads; (2) augmenting power facilities, (3) revision of certain legislation in such fields as labor, investment, and exchange control, and (4) supply of materials in short supply (811.20 Defense(M)/3–2548).