811.24517/3–2549: Telegram

The Ambassador in Nicaragua (Shaw) to the Secretary of State


93. I propose deliver note Foreign Office tomorrow Saturday March 19 [26] advising evacuation USAF air base Managua. Deptels 51 and 53 March 18 and 24.1

Consider it essential we mention briefly in general terms our desire retain rights overflight and transit, as well as maintenance weather Observation contingent Managua.2 This will not prejudice negotiation base requirements and military air rights which may later be recommended by JOS.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sent Department 93, repeated Guatemala, Panama.

  1. Neither printed.
  2. In its note of March 30, 1949, transmitted to the Department in despatch 295, April 7, not printed, the Nicaraguan Foreign Office agreed to the evacuation procedure and expressed its willingness to permit the United States to preserve these rights and privileges (811.24517/4–749).

    The evacuation of the Base was completed in a short but impressive ceremony on April 19, attended by high Nicaraguan and American officials, according to a report by the Chargé in Nicaragua (Williams), despatch 313, April 20, 1949, not printed (811.24517/4–2049).