Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Charles C. Hauch of the Division of Caribbean Affairs

Participants: Ambassador Thomen
ARA—Mr. Daniels
CRB—Mr. Hauch

During a call on Mr. Daniels, Ambassador Thomen stated that he had been instructed by his government to give official assurances to the Department of State that the Dominican Republic has not intervened in Haitian affairs and has no intention of so intervening. Mr. Daniels said he was very glad to receive this statement.

The Ambassador went on to say that his government is, however, apprehensive of the attitude of the Haitian Government towards the Dominican Republic and believes the former has committed itself to undertakings with other countries unfriendly to the Dominican Government. He said his government has recently addressed a note to the Haitian Government on this matter. He did not know the exact date of the note but when questioned thought it might well be the note [Page 187]of July 10 from the Dominican Foreign Office to the Haitian Ambassador in Ciudad Trujillo.

Mr. Daniels stated that several days before he had been discussing this same subject with Haitian Ambassador Charles, who had assured him that the Haitian Government has no intention of invading the Dominican Republic or participating in any activities against it. Mr. Daniels observed that both the Dominican and Haitian governments are thus resolved not to be parties to any interventionist activities directed against each other.