839.00/8–1248: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Cuba


609. From Daniels. “Committee of Five” has met twice (urtel 593, Aug 121) but has not yet discussed or even received Dominican allegations regarding Cuba. Following formulation and approval Committee’s regulations possibly today, Committee will probably receive visit of Dominican mission now in Washington for this purpose. Since Dominican allegations not yet known to Committee, it is impossible at this time to predict what action Committee will take on them. It is my personal view and I believe unanimous view of Committee that Committee’s activities should not supplant normal bilateral diplomatic negotiations between interested parties; and that Committee should take no action which would be offensive either to Cuba or Dominican Republic. Cuban Emb here has been in touch with Dept and will undoubtedly keep FonMin currently informed further developments. I see no need for Cuban Govt to feel concerned (assuming, of course, it has nothing to conceal and is observing inter-American commitments).

  • [Daniels]
  • Marshall
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