839.00/7–2648: Telegram

The Chargé in Haiti (McBride) to the Secretary of State


187. Foreign Minister1 showed me this morning copy of note received by Ambassador Price Mars in Ciudad Trujillo from Dominican Foreign Minister dated July 10 directly accusing Haiti of plotting against Trujillo Government. He also showed me copy of Price Mars’ preliminary reply.

Dominican note first reiterated allegations Haitian Government had been implicated in last summer’s abortive Cayo Confites expedition, quoting articles written by supposed revolutionary, later considered Trujillo agent, in San Juan newspaper (see Embassy’s despatches 31, January 26, and 64, February 142). Note then made three following specific accusations:

That group of Cubans, Guatemalans, Venezuelans, and Dominican exiles was plotting in Haiti against Dominican Government.
Large stock of arms for use against Trujillo regime is hidden in Haiti.
Group mentioned as No. 1 above is in touch with similar organization in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, with connivance of Haitian Government.

Price Mars reply examined three Dominican charges carefully and in each case requested Dominicans supply any available specific information [Page 174]that would assist Haitian Government in stamping out any undercover activities of this nature in Haiti or in seizing any illicit arms.

Foreign Minister Manigat requested aforementioned be conveyed to Department with his renewed assurances charges were preposterous. He stated he felt purpose of all this camouflage was to seek to undermine confidence in Haitian Government. He asserted if any large-scale concentration of arms or revolutionaries existed in Haiti, it would rapidly become public knowledge, declaration with which I am apt to agree. Finally, he indicated Haitian Government was so anxious to expend its energies on its domestic program that it was becoming increasingly bored with time spent denying Dominican allegations.

Sent Department 187; repeated Ciudad Trujillo, Caracas, and Habana.

  1. Edmé T. Manigat.
  2. Neither printed.