393.0015/11–1848: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva ( Troutman ) to the Secretary of State

1464. From Tuck for Saltzman, Shanghai for Wang and Canberra for Lloyd.8

We have two ships, Wooster Victory and Castelbianca, now in Australia, total capacity 1772, which we prepared send Shanghai arriving [Page 950] about 14 days from now. These can shuttle Jews from China or Japan to Australia from where they will be sent to Palestine. We are cabling Australian Govt requesting transit facilities.
This plan only possible if we can have immediate authority use three of our USATS9 on Australian run to avoid disruption of all important Australian programme. Authority to put USATS into Palestine ports also essential in order to bring back Australia ex-China Jews as it is impracticable make arrangements any other Mediterranean port. Moreover, only USATS can be assured of passage through Suez Canal.
Wooster Victory and Castelbianca being ordered revictual for Shanghai voyage pending your reply.
In addition above, Marella arrives Shanghai about December 9 and will evacuate 400 White Russians to Italy en route Argentine.
No other immediate shipping moves possible.
We prepared provide interim assistance in any temporary refuge for remaining groups in danger. Strongly urge refuge be granted Japan. Australian Govt has asked MacArthur transport and accept in Japan temporarily 5000. Total requiring refuge would, however, be larger. Maximum, as indicated urtel10 13,000.
Japanese or locally chartered ships required for ferry to Japan. Urge you approach MacArthur.
White Russians would need remain Japan until resettlement opportunities arranged.

Dept pass Canberra urtel 1511, November 17.

Sent Department 1464, Department pass Shanghai, Canberra. [Tuck.]

  1. Maj. Gen. C. E. M. Lloyd, Chief of the International Refugee Organization Mission in Australia.
  2. United States Army Transport Service.
  3. Telegram No. 1511, November 17, p. 948.