393.0015/11–848: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

1644. Reurtels 2173 Nov. 11, rptd Shanghai 1077; Shanghai’s 2345 Nov 8 sent Nanking 1773. Dept position that urgent efforts should be made evacuate those refugees whose lives in danger. It is hoped that as many as possible will be included in evacuation under ComNavWesPac plan. For your info, Gen MacArthur,4 on Nov 12 [Page 949] (before decision had been made to declare state of emergency) transmitted to Dept Army appeal received by him from Gologoff in behalf 8000 White Russians, and added “the use of Japan as refugee base is impracticable”. Dept realizes it is probable that area other than Japan must be found as place temporary haven for considerable number Central European Jewish, White Russian and Polish refugees noted in reftels. We assume these are only groups for whom evacuation needed.

Dept requesting International Refugee Organization extend maximum assistance both financial and shipping in connection evacuation refugees to whatever area temporary haven, and their care and maintenance pending permanent resettlement. Jewish refugee group Shanghai (which Dept understands numbers 5000) already declared eligible IRO and many receiving IRO help Shanghai through AJDC.5 Latter has secured firm commitment from Israel for immigration entire group as soon as shipping can be provided. Immediate problem this group thus to evacuate them temporarily, since shipment entire group to Israel by IRO or other means will take considerable time. Re other refugee groups, Dept understands 8000 White Russian and 40 Poles (Fryling group) have not been declared IRO eligibles, but believes they are clearly eligible under IRO Constitution.

In connection foregoing, Dept wishes find areas willing grant temporary haven above refugees pending their final resettlement. Request Nanking and Taipei discuss simultaneously with Chinese Govt and Wei Tao-ming6 possibility and number such refugees who having end visas other countries might be accommodated Formosa temporarily and advise Dept urgently. Dept continuing investigation other possibilities. Will advise IRO reaction Dept’s approach.

DP’s from Far East are not eligible enter U. S. under DP legislation 1948.7

  1. General of the Army Douglas A. MacArthur, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, Japan, and Commander in Chief, Far East.
  2. American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.
  3. Chinese Governor of Taiwan.
  4. Displaced Persons Act approved June 25, 1948; 62 Stat. 1009.