393.1115/10–2348: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)97

1484. Dept no objection issuance stronger warning than that recommended Deptel 1457 Oct 15 if in Emb opinion such warning would have effect convincing additional Americans of desirability evacuating as indicated Peiping’s 567 Oct 2198 and Tientsin’s 538 Oct 22,99 both to Nanking. Dept in suggesting changes in Emb text was governed by following two considerations: (1) to avoid insofar as possible contributing to deterioration morale and Nationalist position north China and (2) to avoid possibility of adding to hazards of those Americans who would decide remain even under imminent Communist occupation.

Telegraph final text as far in advance of release as possible.

  1. Repeated to the Consul General at Peiping on the same date as telegram No. 188.
  2. Sent to the Department as telegram No. 372, p. 855.
  3. Sent to the Department as telegram No. 295, p. 856.