393.1115/4–3048: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

779. Master evacuation plan has been completed in draft form by ComNavWesPac in coordination with Embassy as operational plan No. 10327 (Deptel 635, April 2727). This draft plan has been distributed to local Army and Navy commanders who will submit complementary draft plans for areas their responsibility. Local commanders will coordinate planning with Consulates and submit to ComNavWesPac for coordination with master plan. Master plan as drafted includes recognition Ambassador’s responsibility to declare emergency and to declare emergency at end. We have suggested certain amendments to first draft to which Admiral Badger28 has agreed and plans submit final draft to Department when received. We have asked Badger when we may expect receive final draft and will report further.

In present form, plan provides for procedure to be followed in event civil disturbance in China endanger [s] American lives and property. Master plan refers to separate plan prepared by SANACC to be implemented in event hostilities between USA and Soviet Union. We have not seen this plan but assume its provisions would not conflict in any substantial degree with ComNavWesPac plan No. 103.

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  3. Vice Adm. Oscar O. Badger, Commander, U. S. Naval Forces, Western Pacific.