393.1163/3–1848: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

435. If broadcast message (Tientsin Contel Mar 1220 sent Emb as 124) does not within reasonable period elicit responsive reply from Chin Communists, consideration should in Dept’s opinion be given feasibility sending one or more suitable persons Sienhsien investigate and endeavor effect evacuation foreign Sisters. If this course appears feasible Emb will doubtless wish ascertain views Brit Canadian colleagues and if possible formulate joint course action.

Dept has now received letter21 from Mother Superior Monastery of the Precious Blood Manchester New Hampshire directing that foreign Sisters Sienhsien confide their native Sisters to care Chinese community withdraw Peiping Tientsin or Shanghai and seek hospitality their correligionists one of these cities. Enclosed was statement Mother General of St. Hyacinthe Quebec reading “Oblige them all to obey”.

Sent Nanking as 435, repeated Tientsin as 70, Peiping as 61, and Shanghai as 510.

  1. Sent to the Department as telegram No. 75, supra.
  2. Dated March 18, not printed.