393.1133/3–1248: Telegram

The Consul at Tientsin (Hinke) to the Secretary of State

75. Through courtesy of Mayor Tu Chieh-shih of Tientsin, and Tientsin and Peiping broadcasting stations, the following message was broadcast at 11 p.m. transmission March 11 by Peiping broadcasting station to North Shensi Hsin Hua radio station, on behalf of British and American Consulates General Tientsin.

Assistance of civil and military authorities at Sienhsien, Hopei in arranging for withdrawal to Tientsin of the American, British and Canadian Sisters now believed residing at the Convent of the Precious Blood, Sienhsien Procuration, Sienhsien, Hopei, will be greatly appreciated by the American and British Consuls General at Tientsin. Registration records for 1947 of British and American Consulates [Page 816] General indicated there were 5 American 2 English and 5 Canadian Sisters at Sienhsien. Information will be appreciated as to their present whereabouts, welfare and how soon they can be evacuated to Tientsin.

Sent Shanghai for Connors19 as 93, repeated Department as 75, Nanking as 124, Peiping March 12th. Chinese text circulated to Chinese press Tientsin through USIS and in English to Reuters Tientsin direct. Will Embassy please advise British Ambassador and Canadian Minister, Nanking. Peiping please advise newspaper correspondents there with credit to Peiping broadcasting station.

  1. W. Bradley Connors, Consul at Shanghai and Acting Public Affairs Officer.