893.50 Recovery/7–2148: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

1332. To Dept, ECA and Agriculture. Upon receipt Deptel 1029, July 14, repeated Shanghai 1280, re Rural Reconstruction Commission, Embassy in consultation with Moyer and Dawson prepared aide-mémoire containing texts of suggested notes. This document delivered Foreign Office July 16 and discussed informally by above cited and Embassy officer with Tung Ling, director, American Affairs Dept. As conversation indicated Chinese would object wording paragraph (3) of suggested note from Ambassador, Moyer and Embassy officer July 17 drafted revised version thereof for twofold purpose meeting Chinese objections and improve language especially avoiding excessive [Page 621] use term “program”. Herewith revised version (3) with changes made in introductory sentence and subparagraphs (a) through (e) inclusive but excluding (d):

“In its program the commission may include the following types of activity to be carried out in agreement with the agencies referred to in paragraph (2) (a):

A coordinated extension type program in agriculture, home demonstration, health and education for initiation in a selected group of hsien in several provinces to include a limited number of subsidiary projects suited to conditions in the areas where the program is developed, in such fields as agricultural production, marketing credit, irrigation, home and community industries, nutrition, sanitation and education of a nature which will facilitate the promotion of all projects being undertaken;
Consultation with the appropriate Chinese Govt authorities regarding definite progressive enforcement in areas where this coordinated program is carried out, of the pertinent features, etc.;
Progressive steps to survey, register and appraise agricultural land in areas where this program is carried out;
No changes;
Projects to put into effect over a wider area than provided for in the coordinated extension type program specified in (a), any of the above lines of activity which can be developed soundly on a larger scale, etc.”

Dept will notice dropping of term “authority” from introductory paragraph, this being done in response Tung’s statements made July 16 that Foreign Minister would definitely not accept suggested infringement upon Chinese sovereignty. Re subparagraph (b), we believe original wording unfortunate as it implied that enforcement powers being demanded for Commission. Tung also raised strong objection to this provision.

Foreign Office comments upon our July 16 aide-mémoire and revision paragraph (3), latter informally made available to Foreign Office July 17, contained aide-mémoire from Foreign Office dated July 19. These comments being reported in subsequent telegram.8

Sent Dept 1332, repeated Shanghai 642.

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