893.50 Recovery/7–948: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

1029. Revised version exchange notes re establishment Joint Rural Recon Commission reported Embtel 1252 July 9 approved by Dept and ECA with following changes: [Page 620]

In first para opening sentence should read “I have the honor to refer to Section 407 of the China Aid Act of 1948 enacted by the Government of the United States” etc. Enactment of Act includes passage by Congress and signature by President as change indicates.
Para (1) unchanged.
Para (2) unchanged. Dept and ECA do not feel strongly necessity adding suggested second sentence subpara (e).
Para (3) unchanged.
Para (4) accepted with deletion “the Chairman of” after word “if”.
Para (5) unchanged.
Para (6) unchanged.
Para (7) unchanged.
Para (8) unchanged.
Para (9) unchanged.
Para (10) accepted with addition para (3) Art III Dept-ECA draft as second sentence reading as follows: “Assistance furnished by the Govt of the US under Section 407 of the Act and pursuant to this exchange of notes shall not be construed as an express or implied assumption by the Govt of the US of any responsibility for making any further contributions to carry out the purposes of Section 407 of the Act or of this exchange of notes”.
Para (11) accepted with addition of “transmitted to the other Govt” after phrase “upon the request of either Govt” in final sentence.

Proposed note from FonMin given Embtel 1242 July 7 approved by Dept and ECA.

As stated Deptel 907 Jun 22 not necessary include registration with UN in exchange notes. Dept does, however, expect effect such registration.

You are authorized transmit FonOff Emb version exchange notes after changes indicated this telegram.