893.00/12–248: Telegram

The Consul at Tsingtao ( Strong ) to the Secretary of State

194. Reference final paragraph Deptel 144, repeated Nanking 1505, October 28 [27] and reDeptel 1583 to Nanking, repeated Tsingtao 158, November 9. Admiral Badger implementing latest JCS (Joint Chief of Staff) directive following manner: Dependents being evacuated 3 transports November 26, December 8, January 5; retaining control all dwellings rented by Navy Housing Board but leaving rental payments; excess materials being lifted 3 specially assigned vessels by [Page 336] December 15; no sign as yet of removal shore activities to ships and understand no additional ships yet assigned; military police and motor pool complements increased from Guam Marine contingent, remainder going Shanghai be billeted aboard USS Bayfield.

Discussion last evening with planning and intelligence officers Badger’s staff revealed Badger desires advocate to CNO early withdrawal US forces from Tsingtao. Chief of Staff Rear Admiral Rees and other staff members attempting persuade him necessity staying here as long as possible. Third faction desires merely summarize current situation without advocating particular course. Final decision will be taken within day or two.

Sent Nanking 357, repeated Department 194.