893.00/11–948: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

1583. For your confidential info JCS, reflecting NSC decision, have cancelled all previous directives re action to be taken in event of [Page 335] attack or threatening attack against Tsingtao by Chinese Communists and measures to be taken in existing situation at Tsingtao and have substituted therefor new directive in substance as follows:51

Political decision has been made that US forces are to remain in Tsingtao but are to be placed in state of readiness to withdraw on short notice at future date if ordered.

It is desire of JCS place you in state of readiness evacuate Tsingtao on short notice if ordered at future date. It is desirable that measures you take be implemented in such manner that they do not indicate that any final decision with regard evacuation has been taken. For your info no decision as to eventual withdrawal or retention US forces in Tsingtao has been made.

To aid in keeping Chinese from concluding that readiness measures taken are preparatory to withdrawal, Tsingtao will be reinforced at least for period. Reinforcements from Marines now Guam will be sent Tsingtao as soon as shipping and/or airlift available. Portion of Task Force 38 will be maintained Western Pacific beyond presently scheduled date.

Evacuate Navy and Marine Corps dependents in orderly manner.

Embark, or ship excess material. Ship base shore activities as feasible. Be prepared evacuate US Forces from Tsingtao at short notice on order JCS.

In event threat of attack, inform JCS who will then issue further instructions. You will not mediate between Communist and Nationalist leaders for orderly turnover of city unless instructed by JCS.

In event attack without warning by Communist forces on Tsingtao or in event of local uprising or local disturbance you are authorized use your forces for protection of Amer lives and property.

Keep appropriate authorities informed of any change in situation and any action taken in accordance this Directive. End summary of directive to Badger.

  1. This JCS directive was based on a policy approved by President Truman on November 5, 1948, after consideration in the National Security Council.