893.00/2–2748: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai ( Cabot ) to the Secretary of State

451. Chinese press [China Press?] of 28th carries story that “group of Shanghai’s leading citizens” including Mayor Wu; T. J. Hsi, manager National Industrial Bank; S. S. Shen, Central Bank; C. C. Chen, Export-Import Board, and K. P. Chen, Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank, are supporting Li Tsung-jen’s candidacy for Vice President. According to paper, “the group felt that General Li along with Pai Chung-hsi78 and Li Chi-shen79 has in the past been aligned against Gimo and therefore would not be “yes man” if he should be elected. Pointed reference was made to General Li’s recent blast at Government corruptions and nepotism. They also stressed democratic leanings of their candidate. Although their man had recently made statements antagonistic towards some cliques in Kuomintang by favoring some kind of peaceful settlement to civil war, General Li’s supporters considered him highly possessed of facilities needed in event of peace talks initiated by Communists.” Article also states Ambassador Stuart has reportedly urged Li to run for post.

Sent Department 451, Nanking 323, Peiping 52.

  1. Chinese Minister for National Defense.
  2. Marshal Li was expelled from the Kuomintang in 1947 because of anti-Government activities; he was chairman of the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee.