693.0031 Tibet/7–2648: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1362. ReDeptel 1058, July 22. Foreign Minister has expressed appreciation of his Government at Department’s assurances that presence of Tibetan Trade Mission in US does not indicate any change in American attitude on question of Chinese sovereignty over Tibet. Chinese Embassy Washington has informed Foreign Office that Tibetan Trade Mission has requested through Department of Commerce that it be received by President. Chinese Embassy originally raised objection on grounds that Mission was a purely technical one and call would be purely courtesy. Leader of Mission, however, has now told Chinese Ambassador that he wishes to discuss general economic and political matters with President. Foreign Minister, therefore, requests that President refuse to receive Mission on following grounds.

Mission was not authorized by Chinese Government.
Mission is traveling on documents which Chinese Government does not recognize.
Obvious intention of Mission to act as independently as possible and by any means available to acquire recognition of its separation from China will create serious political embarrassment for National Government and will cause grave difficulties between Foreign Office and Legislative Yuan.

Foreign Minister again requests that no American agency have dealings with Mission except when approved by Chinese Embassy since Mission assured foreign Office that its objectives were of a purely technical trade nature and these objectives can best be obtained through arrangements with private commercial firms.