893.796/8–1248: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1489. As by product of matter reported in. Embassy’s despatch 342 of August 11, Tung Lin, FonOff director American Affairs, handed us August 11 in strict confidence copy of agreement dated September 9, 1939, at Chungking between Chinese Ministry of Communications and Central Administration of Civil Aircraft of USSR for the establishment of regular air communications between Hami and Alma-Ata. Text is identical with that enclosed under Embassy’s secret despatch 854 of July 2, 1947 (see also Deptel 611, May 23, 1947, Embassy’s telegram 1213, June 4, 1947).22 FonOff text, however does not contain appendices given in enclosure of Embassy’s despatch 854.

Tung Lin asserted with straight face that FonOff until last few weeks had no knowledge of existence this agreement. He informed us, however, that USSR has been given formal notice of intention of Chinese Govt to terminate agreement under article 16. Embassy’s understanding is that in light of this notification agreement will expire September 9, 1949.

Sent Dept 1489 repeated Shanghai 718, Tihwa 89.

  1. None printed.