702.6793/5–2648: Airgram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

A–149. Reference Moscow’s A–374, April 13, 1948, concerning the suggestion that Turkey establish representation in Sinkiang.

Embassy is completely in accord with views expressed by Moscow on the desirability of such representation. Embassy would, however, suggest that Iran and Afghanistan also be encouraged to maintain representatives. On various occasions this question has been discussed with Nanking diplomatic representatives of Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan, usually at their instigation. In every instance these diplomatic representatives have expressed the view that their countries might contribute to stiffening Sinkiang resistance of Soviet [Page 734] penetration. It is not known whether these individuals have so recommended to their own government. …

It is suggested that greater progress might be made were the appropriate American Missions to be instructed opportunely to discuss the question in Ankara, Teheran and Kabul. As occasion presents itself the Embassy will, of course, continue to suggest the desirability of the course suggested by Moscow.