893.002/11–1348: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

2203. Chang Chun81 has been under additional heavy pressure to accept Premiership and has again refused. Following this refusal he has been considering a proposal that he proceed to US and possibly Paris in effort to secure some kind of assurance of additional American aid. If successful he would then subsequently accept Premiership.

The Ambassador has endeavored to dissuade him from this idea on basis that American people, regardless of which party is in power, are desirous of doing all within their power to assist China, but that nothing further of any consequence could be done except by Congressional action and Congress does not meet until January. If Chang Chun were to undertake this mission it would only arouse false hopes and he would necessarily return without having accomplished anything.

The Ambassador believes it likely he has succeeded in dissuading him.

  1. Former President of the Chinese Executive Yuan.