893.00/11–1348: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cabot) to the Secretary of State 79

2398. Dr. Lo Lung-chi80 in recent conversation with member Consul General’s staff stated only danger which exists for American lives and property in event Communists take over lies in any policy statement which Secretary or President might make announcing determination continue support Generalissimo and to step-up aid to him. Lo stated regardless American official feeling such statement would be exceedingly unwise at this time as it might give birth widespread anti-American movement. He said vast majority people see recent [Page 563] Communist military successes only in light cessation civil war and return of peace and stability. What form new government will take, he said, not now matter of consideration to them, and they would regard American announcement continuing aid Generalissimo as meaning sacrifice of their welfare on altar American worldwide anti-Communist program.

Lo stated that in event Communists take over Shanghai he was confident his ability to see that no harm came to American lives and property so long as American Government refrained from making any strong pronouncements.

Consul General has noted strong tendency among Chinese both high and low levels to discount Communist victory and take-over and to regard future in light of their own activities and interests. Thinking now revolving around situation when they come, not if they come.

Pouched Nanking 1816.

  1. Copy transmitted by the Acting Secretary of State to the White House on November 13 for President Truman at Key West, Florida.
  2. Former leader of the Democratic League which was declared illegal by the Chinese Government in October 1947 on grounds that it had been “linked with the Communists and joined the rebellion”.