125.0093/11–1148: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

2162. From Acting USIS China Director.72 Since events rapidly coming to head, Embassy proposes following directive govern USIS operations should Communists seize control your district:

Resume USIS activities soon as feasible thereafter when order restored limiting initial activity reopening office library to gauge relation local populace and officials.
Gradually expand operation as feasible offering motion picture showings, poster exhibits et cetera limited basis initially. Might be well try provide movie show for Communist officials since unlikely most films cause offense and might pave way wider showings.
Resume news file even if distribution limited including distribution all new Communist officials [and] such newspapers as publishing. Expand distribution whenever feasible. Local editing may be necessary if Shanghai not under Communist control since news file originates there. If Shanghai newscast blocked, copy Wireless Bulletin direct from Manila translating most suitable items.
Exercise caution initial operations to avoid complete shut down by Communist officials following moderate line until possible stiffen attitude.
Our policy should be to show benefits derived from American type democracy playing softly at first theme our way living offers only hope freedom and dignity of man.
Emphasize much as possible all official US statements on China. Emphasize United Nations activities US part and carry all statements reports blaming Soviet policy stumbling block world peace. Use greatest extent possible all items denouncing Communism, citing examples suppression freedoms other Communist dominated areas, detailing fate other nations which fell behind Iron Curtain.
Remember always no compromise with our principles. We shall continue USIS operations only so long as feasible possible accomplish our effort to offer strength and succor to non-Communists in hopes eventual overturning Red rule in China.

Sent circular Mukden, Shanghai, Peiping, Tientsin, Hankow, Chungking, Taipei, Canton. Repeated Department 2162. Department pass Mukden.

  1. W. Bradley Connors, Consul at Shanghai, was head of the United States Information Service in China.