893.00/11–748: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

1561. Following info re Mukden received controlled American source. Concurrence ConGen Mukden indicated.

Populace Mukden disgusted with cowardice, looting, brutality and helplessness Kmt politicians and Mil leaders. No efforts made destroy Mil supplies before withdrawal. Hatred seen on faces people as result Nat bombings. Comm. troops which entered Mukden, considered second-rate by Nats, superior to best Nat troops including New 1st and New 6th Armies. If other troops as good nothing Nats can do will stop Comms.

Comparison occupying Coram troops with Nats recently withdrawn makes apparent hopelessness American aid. We cannot give will to fight and desire become good soldiers. Unless Nat Commanders immediately find secret Comm commanders seem to have found, all China will be Comm dominated soon.

Soviet as well as US residences subjected searches. Soviet businessmen with slightest American connections looking for US ConGen recognition. As of Nov 4 US personnel apparently faring better than Soviet.

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Aside from danger bombing no reason for white women to fear remaining in area. More danger experienced from withdrawing Nats than from Comms.

Nanking rpt to Shanghai, Tsingtao, Tientsin, Peiping for confidential info principal officer.