893.01/11–648: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

2119. In our recent conversation with Chen Li-fu, who has been playing active role in present governmental crisis, he has emphasized disadvantageous position in which Generalissimo and people like [Page 545] himself, who are arguing strenuously against all possibility of coalition government with the Communists, find themselves because of advocacy of such coalition 2 years ago by US President and Secretary of State. He pointed out that no public statement of change in our attitude toward coalition government with Communists has ever been made. Chen inquired if it would be possible at this stage for the President—fresh from his victory at the polls—to issue new statement of US policy toward China, making it clear that US does not favor coalition government with Communist participation and stating our reasons including indication of Soviet direction in Chinese Communist action. Such statement, Chen continued, would greatly strengthen Generalissimo’s hand as well as those supporters of Generalissimo who are strenuously resisting any trend toward coalition with Communists.

We replied in the sense of Deptel 1164, August 12 but we are inclined to agree with Chen Li-fu (who in presenting this suggestion was speaking for the Generalissimo) that statement of our attitude toward coalition government with Communists in China might be helpful at this time.

Department pass to Paris as No. 8 for the Secretary.