893.00/8–1348: Telegram

The Consul General at Mukden ( Ward ) to the Secretary of State

339. Last week Mukden plain-clothesmen secretly arrested professor and 4 prominent students, including 3 leaders recent Mukden demonstrations protesting Peiping bloodshed, and 1 student governor of medical college. Protesting undocumented arrest without statement charges, 160 students Tuesday gathered at Mukden garrison headquarters, notwithstanding recent ban public meetings. Gathering dispersed only after garrison and mayor Mukden promised release suspects next day.

[Page 416]

Garrison headquarters Wednesday charged arrestees with Communist activity and refused their release. After repeated refusal release, students yesterday again attempted approach headquarters, but were dispersed under threat force. Middle schools and colleges then isolated by military cordon. Students and reporters queried by ConGen consider arrestees non-Communists.

Today Mukden traffic centers heavily guarded police armed only with clubs under orders disperse possible students’ demonstration.

Sent Nanking 428, repeated Department 339, Peiping 178.