893.00/6–3048: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

1164. Statement in urdespatch no. 287 June 30 “I am maintaining an attitude of friendly but passive interest while assuring them that the door is still open if they care to take advantage of it” not altogether clear.

This is problem on which there must be no misunderstanding. Following for your guidance and clarification:

The US Govt must not, directly or indirectly, give any implication of support, encouragement or acceptability of coalition govt in China with Communist participation.
The US Govt has no intention of again offering its good offices as mediator in China.

Overt US opposition to Chi Govt compromise with Chi Communists (or even secretly expressed opposition, which would likely become known) would at this juncture provide ammunition in China for propaganda alleging US encouraging and prolonging civil war. It could also mislead Chi Govt to expect unlimited aid which could not eventuate under existing world situation and in any circumstances would require Congressional action. Any informal expression of US Govt attitude toward these questions should at this stage of developments in China be confined to the two points outlined above. You should, of course, overlook no suitable opportunity to emphasize the pattern of engulfment which has resulted from coalition govts in eastern Europe.

This telegram was drafted prior to receipt of Embtels 1472 and 1473 Aug 10 which will be dealt with in separate message.