757.58/5–1148: Telegram

The Ambassador in Norway (Bay) to the Secretary of State


287. Foreign Office Secretary General Andvord who leaves tomorrow for new post as Ambassador Paris has given Embassy officer following information:

Sweden has indicated definite willingness make positive military arrangement with Norway. Andvord does not know details of arrangement proposed but says it is of positive character. Military Attaché has confirmation this information from reliable source. It is noted information coincides with Prime Minister Gerhardsen’s remarks regarding military cooperation at current convention of Swedish Social Democratic Party Stockholm.
In conversation with Swedish Crown Prince in Stockholm May 8 Andvord found Crown Prince “more neutral than Undén”. Crown [Page 120] Prince stated Sweden must never depart from neutrality and believed Sweden could escape involvement in any future conflict. Andvord proudly declares he informed Crown Prince that “Norway would prefer to fight and go under rather than be neutral and escape, even if that were possible, kind of war next conflict would be.”
Andvord indicated Norwegian Foreign Office was aware of statement by Swedish Defense Minister Vought that Sweden would remain neutral even if northern Norway were occupied by Russians and would not enter war unless completely encircled.

Sent Department 287; repeated Stockholm 25, Copenhagen 25.