840.00/4–2448: Telegram

The Chargé in Belgium (Millard) to the Secretary of State


831. Reference five power Brussels pact, Spaak seemed satisfied with conversations already taking place Hague and fairly optimistic meeting Finance Minister[s] here on April 28 and 29 would have beneficial results.

Re five power military conversations in London he said they would begin end this week and he seemed optimistic. I said farther five powers go in implementing military terms treaty more effective our collaborations will be and asked whether five would get down to brass tacks and discuss arms standardization, strategic plans and defense assignment duties to participants. He said he believed they would and hoped US would send observer. Re US support he repeated his public and private statement that he considered President’s statement in address to Congress constituted guarantee. He understood Bonnet and Inverchapel had made approach to Department with view further pronouncement by President. As he had explained to Department and members of Senate and House should Russia make war it would be against US not Europe though attack would in part at least be through Europe which consequently was US first line of defense. Accordingly US had same interest in arming Europe that it did in arming its own forces which in first instance would constitute second line of defense.

Spaak repeated that US guarantee should cover all free nations of Europe as reference to five powers alone could endanger others, particularly Scandinavia.