865.30/11–1048: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Dunn) to the Secretary of State


4282. Soviet member today informed Naval Commission that on 6 November agreement was reached Moscow concerning dates of delivery 33 Soviet allocated naval ships.1

Italian proposals agreed upon were almost identical with those proposed [Page 989] by Italian representative Naval Commission on 13 October and rejected by Soviets here (see Embtel 4007 to Department).

First group of ships consisting of (BB) Giulio Cesare, (DD) Artigliere, and Subs Niclielio, Marea are to be delivered by 15 January; second group (CL) Duca d’Aosta, (TBs) Animoso and Fortunate, Training Ship Colombo, by 1 March; third group, small transport Montecacco loaded with spare parts and ammunition, by 1 June; fourth group (DD) Fuciliere and (TB) Ardimentoso by 1 July; fifth group consisting of remaining minor craft, by 1 June: All deliveries in Odessa.

Matter of spare parts and armament store not covered in agreement.

Coordination return of loaned ships will be negotiated here by three interested members Naval Commission. It may be tentatively assumed Milwaukee will be delivered Lewes Delaware on same date Duca d’Aosta is delivered Odessa, between 15 January and 1 March, in accordance with agreement previously readied between US and Soviet representative.

Please pass to Navy.

Repeated Moscow 104, Paris 675, London for Admiral Conolly.2

  1. In telegram 2579 of November 6, 1948, not printed. Ambassador Smith in “Moscow reported having learned from the Italian Ambassador (Manlio Brosio) that agreement in principle had been reached bv exchange of notes (865.30/11–648).
  2. In telegram 4679 of December 17, 1948, not printed, Byington reported from Rome that the Italian Government, in implementing the agreement with the U.S.S.R., intended to send the battleship Giulio Cesare and three other vessels to Odessa, and was requesting the Turkish Government for clearance of passage through the Straits (865.30/12–1748).