865.30/9–2148: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Dunn ) to the Secretary of State


3754. Recent trends Naval commission deliberations indicate that Soviets may be attempting build up case for accusing Italy before UN of breach treaty of peace with backing of US, UK, and France. Refer to Embtel 3614.1

Commencing September 9 just after Tass news agency radio and press accusations that Italy guilty of failure execute treaty terms US followed next day by UK and French members commission stated they had repeatedly associated themselves with four power action but had and still insisted such action must be reasonable and communications addressed Italian Government in courteous terms. All stated their Ambassadors prepared sign suitable note to Italian Government requesting further delays be avoided where mutually satisfactory bilateral agreements are not indicated. Three members agreed Soviet proposed note generally unacceptable because it pertains almost entirely to Soviet allocation of ships; is obsolete since receipt of Foreign Office note mentioned Embtel 3614 and is couched in extremely undiplomatic language. British member with French concurrence proposed US chairman submit alternate draft for consideration commission. Soviet member insists his original draft be taken as sole basis of discussion and gives impression he would not be unhappy if his proposal were flatly rejected. Others while not rejecting certain substance of Soviet draft insist on new draft either to be basis of discussion or to be discussed concurrently and on same basis as Soviet draft.

US position is recorded in two meeting records.

Meanwhile, Soviet member refuses discuss Italian note (Embtel 3614) stating that letter is not reply to commission’s note verbale of July 32 is directed almost entirely at Soviet Union and is irrelevant to proposed note from four Ambassadors to Italian Government.

Please advise if further information desired. Should matter be brought up in UN and Capt. Pryce’s presence Paris desired he can proceed without delay leaving Comdr. Loomis to represent US in commission meetings.

Please pass to Navy. Repeated London for Admiral Conolly.

Sent Department, repeated Paris 589, Moscow 92, London 327.

  1. In this telegram of September 8, 1048, not printed. Dunn forwarded to the Department a summary of the note to be sent that day by the Italian Government to the four powers in response to the note of the Naval Commission of July 3 (865.30/9–848).
  2. See footnote 2, p. 982.