501.BB/9–2848: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in France


Gadel 81. Dept fully agrees with Brit Fonoff re necessity approaching other UN Members soonest possible on Italian Colonies. (London’s 4250,1 reptd Paris 657). However Dept feels much more could be accomplished in many cases by direct approach Delegations Paris, many of whom have full powers negotiate, rather than by approach to home Govts, although latter procedure may be preferable in some isolated instances.

Dept suggested Brit Emb here that interested officials US and Brit Delegations Paris confer on which States could be most advantageously approached through their Delegations in Paris and which through their home Govts. Brit Emb forwarding this suggestion London. This would be in line with suggestion Delga 1291 for further US–UK talks Paris. Dept approves this suggestion but leaves to Delegation’s discretion whether French should participate at this stage.

Dept feels question disposition Libya one of such primary importance as to make it imperative that Dept and Del exert every effort to insure that every UN Member outside eastern block understands reasons prompting UK–US position. Brit have showed us proposed line which they would take in approaching other States. Dept agrees in general with Brit approach, but is somewhat concerned that greatest emphasis is placed on Cyrenaica. While we share Brit views on importance Cyrenaica, we feel they must realize that postponement as temporary solution for Tripolitania is of as great concern to us as Brit [Page 955] trusteeship over Cyrenaica. US Del and Emb London should seize every opportunity point out to Brit that we expect same support from them on Tripolitania as we intend to give them on Cyrenaica.

Re problem of which States should be approached by US, which by UK and which jointly, Dept approves suggestions set forth London’s 4032 Sept 92 unless Del perceives objection in individual cases.

Sent Paris for Gadel; repeated London as 3798.

  1. Not printed.
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  3. Not printed; in it Douglas suggested that the United Kingdom approach the British Empire; the United States approach Cuba, Guatemala, and Argentina; and the United Kingdom and United States jointly approach the remaining South American, European, African, and Asian states. Neither would approach the Arab or Eastern blocs. (501.BB/9–948)