865.014/7–2348: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom

top secret

2927. For Ambassador and Palmer. Even though we do not yet have benefit latest French views it is becoming increasingly apparent to us that solution which will meet Brit and US strategic requirements and at same time will attract enough support to secure approval GA would be postponement of final disposition of colonies for another year. This would necessitate French, Brit and US advocating such step and making no other proposals of their own which would entail discussion of such proposals and might lead to GA action unsatisfactory to US, Brit or French, if not to all three. In Deputies meeting we might say that because of lack of time properly to study complicated problem plus difficulty reconciling many viewpoints we suggest submitting [Page 925] question to GA with recommendation that GA hold matter in abeyance until next regular session. This idea has appeal not only because of apparent difficulty reconciling Brit-American views (and most likely French views) but also because our UN experts firmly believe that (1) solutions which come closest to representing US–UK ideas stand slim chance acceptance in GA and (2) we can expect great difficulty blocking independence. Furthermore even if we succeeded in blocking it our efforts in that regard would give Soviets excellent propaganda material.

While we sympathize Brit desire for early definitive solution, difficulties at this time are beginning to seem insurmountable and we urge them give serious consideration to postponement (urtels 3355, 3341, 3324.)1

It might be better to get French views on Italian colonies before broaching to them idea of postponement as definite tripartite policy but Emb London should take this up soonest with FonOff repeating Brit reaction to Paris.

Bevin’s thought (reurtel 3319 para 4)2 that a CFM, in which he might be represented by Minister of State, is probably necessary and could take place shortly before GA meeting Paris is not clear to us. We see little difference between such proposal and present Deputies since Minister of State would in fact be deputizing for FornMin. Furthermore appointment of another set of Deputies might lead to Soviet demands to extend agenda of meeting and we still believe issue of CFM meeting should not be decided on Italian colony question.

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