865.014/5–2548: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom


2198. Embs A–1124 May 25.1 Dept giving thought question CFM on Italian Colonies. While no decision has been reached, Dept does not consider personal meeting of Foreign Ministers is required by terms Peace Treaty on following grounds:

Pgh 4 Annex XI is only section Peace Treaty which mentions CFM in connection Ital Colonies. All other pertinent parts Art 23 and Annex XI speak of decisions by Four Powers or Four Govts.
Protocol of Proceedings establishing CFM at Berlin Conf makes it evident Council set up “to do the necessary preparatory work for the peace settlements”. Fact that FonMins could not attend personally at all times recognized by provision for appointment of high ranking deputy duly authorized carry on work of Council in absence his FonMin. Council also authorized adapt its procedure to particular problems under consideration.
In view provisions Berlin protocol, CFM considered to be an organizational unit for handling appropriate matters in connection peace settlements rather than exclusive body consisting of FonMins themselves. It would therefore not appear necessary for FonMins to meet personally to consider DepItcols recommendations which could be submitted instead to Joint Secretariat of CFM and then distributed to Foreign Secretaries through their deputies. Such a procedure would [Page 915] conform letter and spirit Pgh 3 Art 23 which provides that final disposal these possessions shall be determined jointly by govts of Four Powers.

Dept emphasizes no decision yet taken re attitude it will take if question meeting FonMins raised.

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