865.014/5–2848: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Secretary of State


2849. From Utter USfic 49. During three day visit Rome heads delegation FIC Commission heard eight organizations of former residents in Italian colonies, including group Libyan Moslems mostly employed in Italian Colonial Office, and visited two camps near Rome. While publicity given commission’s visit no incidents occurred. All persons interviewed wish return to former homes and naturally expressed desire for Italian trusteeship. Only useful purpose served by visit was to placate Italian authorities and refugees by registering latter’s views. Many publications and memoranda submitted, avidly received by French who will doubtless endeavor incorporate [Page 912] them in Libya report. Soviets show little interest in investigation.1 [Utter.]

  1. In telegram 2138 from Rome, May 11, not printed (865.014/5–1148), Ambassador Dunn had warned that a visit of the Field Investigation Commission to Italy would adversely affect the position of the United States in Italy. The United States, nevertheless, in telegram Ficus 26 to Benghazi, May 13, not printed (865.014/5–1348), agreed to have the Field Investigation Commission visit Italy, but instructed its representative, Utter, to maintain close contact with Embassy Rome and avoid any incidents.