865.014/4–3048: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Deputy for the Former Italian Colonies of the Council of Foreign Ministers (Gallman)


1548. Colit 69. When question distribution Commission’s reports and hearing views other interested governments discussed next meeting Depitcol (Itcol 124),1 US Deputy should generally endeavor take positions best calculated meet reasonable desires those governments whose support will be valuable if matter goes UNGA.

With regard distribution reports, Dept prefers continue take position outlined second pgh Itcol 121 and Colit 66.2

Re hearings other interested governments, Dept prefers revert our original position that presentation views before receipt Commission’s reports should not be considered condition precedent to presentation supplemental views after receipt reports. It might be pointed out matter now somewhat academic in view fact Eritrean report ready for distribution and Somaliland report should be ready soon. We might therefore suggest that hearings be scheduled on following basis:

Deputies should hear as soon as possible any other interested govts that may wish be heard at this time;
Any govts heard now may present supplemental views after having studied report on Libya;
Any govts not wishing be heard now may present views after having studied report on Libya.

Please discuss foregoing with your Brit and French colleagues with view towards coordinating your positions before meeting if possible.

Dept agrees undesirability any of Western Powers precipitating break-down meetings and is prepared accept reasonable compromises on foregoing procedures.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Neither printed; they supported the proposal for the immediate circulation of the Commission’s reports to allow the interested governments sufficient time to present their views based on the reports (865.014/3–3048).