865.014/2–2648: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Deputy for the Former Italian Colonies of the Council of Foreign Ministers (Gallman)

us urgent

652. Colit 59. When question hearing other interested Govts raised (Itcol 110 and 111)1 US Deputy should initially maintain stand in accordance with procedure laid down Colit 582 and previous tels. In stating US position he may wish reiterate Dept’s view that Soviet requirement would subject “other interested Govts” to different procedure than that required for Four Powers who are not obligated state views until after reports commission received. He may add that insistence on this procedure appears to us to come with ill grace from a power, which, by its action in recent days, apparently has prejudged the question under consideration and, in so doing, has made it evident that its interest in taking into consideration views of other interested Govts can only be regarded as pro forma.

If deadlock continues, US Deputy may accept text draft letter quoted Itcol 111 provided dates of hearing changed to May 1 to 15. If this not accepted, he may move for adjournment until May 1.

US Deputy should not support any proposal, such as that suggested by French, which might lead to three Powers holding hearings other interested Govts outside framework CFM and DepItcol. Dept feels this could only lead to Soviet charge that Three Powers ignoring procedure laid down by Italian Peace Treaty. Such charges might have considerable appeal to Italian electorate and prejudice our position in Italy.

  1. Itcol 110, supra; Itcol 111, not printed; it would have permitted the interested governments to present their views before the completion of the commission’s reports, but after the Italian elections (865.014/2–2648).
  2. Dated February 20, p. 898.