865.014/2–2048: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Deputy for the Former Italian Colonies of the Council of Foreign Ministers (Gallman)


581. Colit 58. Soviet attitude en question hearing other govts now appears clear in light Soviet statement support Italian trusteeship for former Colonies. It is now apparent Soviet intention is to force Dominions to state views prior to Italian elections thereby hoping indication of Brit attitude toward future of colonies will be revealed. It is obvious Communists could make good political use any such indications in forthcoming elections, especially when contrasted with Soviet support to Italy on colonial issue.

In view foregoing, instructions sent in Colit 551 are withdrawn and US Deputy should insist on procedure laid down Colit 48 and 53.2

  1. Not printed; it instructed the U.S. Deputy to permit preliminary hearings of the interested governments prior to the Italian elections (865.014/2–648).
  2. Not printed; they instructed the U.S. Deputy to permit an interested government to present its views after the Commission had made its reports and added that failure to state its views before the Commission had reported would not prejudice its ability to do so later (865.014/11–1047 and 865.014/1–2648).