811.2365/12–547: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy

top secret
us urgent

2571. For the Ambassador. In light of info contained ur 3918 Dec 5 and 3957 Dec 7, we have agreed Dept of Army shd order withdrawal US forces Italy on Dec 14. Possibility of strengthening US forces Austria not now practicable, and transfer US forces to Libya (ur 3891 Dec 2) considered inadvisable on military premises and because of general tension East Mediterranean re Palestine.

In connection with ceremonies upon departure US forces, Navy is ordering units Med fleet now at Naples to Genoa (ur 3958 Dec 7) for courtesy call, and Air Force is arranging flight of B29s from Germany over Italy, including possible landing at Amendola, as evidence of continued US strength in vicinity. Consideration being given possibility of statement along lines penultimate para ur 3918. Question of equipment listed MAR 3451 from MA also under urgent study, and decision expected shortly.

  1. Not printed.