865.24/10–947: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy


2541. Reurtel 3159 Oct. 9. Non-combat surplus property transferred Ital Army; pursuant Deptel 2842 Nov 29 this material will be transferred Ital Govt under terms Taff-Del Vecchio Agreement without additional charge Ital Govt. OFLC will instruct representative negotiate amendment Taff-Del Vecchio Agreement to provide transfer this material not included original agreement.1

Transfer this additional material is contribution further US assistance Ital Govt in equipping Ital armed forces. You slid point this out FonOff and reiterate view material not covered original terms Taff-Del Vecchio Agreement. Dept considers shd be no publicity transfer or amendment Agreement.

  1. In a memorandum of December 2, not printed, General Connolly, the Foreign Liquidation Commissioner, was notified that President Truman approved the proposal that “U.S. Army surplus materials of non-combat nature of an approximate value of $20,000,000 currently the subject of negotiation with the Italian Government be transferred to Italy under the Taff-Del Vecchio Agreement without additional cost to the Italian Government.”

    The action constituted implementation of the report of the National Security Council. (865.24/12–247)