Memorandum of Conversation, by the Secretary of State

top secret

General Béthouart called on me to resume the discussion we had had on his previous visit. He was particularly concerned in the matter of American military equipment for France, and I told him what the prospects appeared to be and which lacked Congressional confirmation.

He then made a reference, as I understood him, to the question of the Germans in any military resistance to the Soviets and seemed to imply a consideration of whether or not we should have some plans for the arming of Western Germans in case of a Soviet breach of the peace. I listened to this and made no comment whatever, but I was much surprised at such a point being raised by Béthouart.

Because of the dangerous political repercussions which would follow from any divulging of this particular memorandum, I wish to have it regarded as top secret.

G[eorge] C. M[arshall]