840.50 Recovery/4–848: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in France


1354. Urtel 1844 Apr 8.1 Arguments typical expected Communist attempts in all participating countries mislead opinion and create resentment against ERP and US by (inter alia) ostensibly defending interests special groups population. Our view is that making ERP work is basically responsibility of participating countries and that counteracting such propaganda is essential part this responsibility. [Page 634] Within certain very general policies with which Administrator may wish this Govt to be associated, French themselves will have responsibility not only for distribution of ERP supplies received but also for the public relations of program within France. Type of attack mentioned reftel is in essence attack on project of French Govt and it is assumed latter will wish act accordingly.

You should impress above on French officials.

Please continue follow carefully and report major Communist Anti-ERP propaganda lines.

  1. Not printed; it referred to charges by French Communists that American farm machinery and other aid to agriculture was going principally to “reactionary” large-scale farmers and that heavy importation of American products would force down French farm prices (840.50 Recovery/4–848).