865.00/3–248: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France

top secret

663. Deptel 721 March 2 to London, rptd Paris 662.1 For the Ambassador. Please inform Bidault we share Fr concern re Ital situation and inevitable repercussions which Communist success in April 18 elections would produce throughout Western Europe as well as Eastern Mediterranean. You may assure him US will also give all possible support Ital Govt in this critical period, and that we are most anxious cooperate with Fr and UK Govts, feeling combined efforts would greatly enhance general effect measures three govts may find it possible take.

We assume Bidault will desire impress upon Bevin Fr position this matter, and you may inform him action we are taking in this connection. At same time, you should mention measures in which we invite cooperation Fr and UK Govts, and say we hope you may continue discussions with him re further steps which may become possible. Please assure Bidault we would welcome any suggestions he may have.

Sent Paris 663 rptd London 722 Rome 545.

  1. Post, p. 837.