840.50 Recovery/5–1448: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy 1


1479. Dept welcomes Italian suggestion reurtel 2205, May 142 that proposal for membership US–UK Zone, FTT, in OEEC should come from Italian Govt and that Italian desire assist Trieste should be emphasized and reference made to close economic relations Italy and Trieste, to extent that there is no conflict with peace treaty terms. Second proposal reftel also supported although any US statement would of course have to be made outside OEEC. US in fact expects on every suitable occasion to emphasize that Trieste membership OEEC implies no change in policy established by tri-partite declaration. You should inform Italian Govt of foregoing and express US appreciation their willingness to take initiative this matter.

Dept believes that Trieste representation on OEEC Executive Committee inappropriate but otherwise considers direct Trieste representation OEEC Council and working bodies required rather than indirectly “through” Italian Govt as suggested point 3 reftel. You should explore with Italian Govt substitute formula under which Zone representatives at OEEC would be committed to continuous consultation with Italian representatives to coordinate policies and actions in their mutual interest.

Policies outlined above discussed with UK representatives and have their concurrence. Dept asking Paris ascertain views French. Take no action foregoing until further word from Dept.

Italian Govt may wish to consider whether proposal for admission OEEC should refer to whole FTT or only US–UK Zone.

  1. This telegram was repeated to Trieste as 262, to Paris as 1819, to London as 1928, to Belgrade as 251, and USUN as 330.
  2. Not printed.