860S.00/5–2048: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in France


1843. Subject urtel 2678 May 201 discussed with Brit Emb here. We have now agreed to transmit to Soviet Emb Washington on Tuesday, June 1 at 3 p. m. GMT for release to press 2 hours later2 following note which is substantially same as text note Brit will deliver simultaneously in London:

“The Secretary of State presents his compliments to His Excellency the Ambassador of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and has the honor to refer to his note of April 16, 19483 regarding the proposal [Page 527] that the Free Territory of Trieste be returned to Italian sovereignty. In that note the Soviet Government was informed that the Government of the United States would welcome any suggestions which the Soviet Government might desire to propose concerning the procedure for drafting the necessary protocol to the Treaty of Peace with Italy to effect the return of the Free Territory to Italian sovereignty.

“As the Government of the United States is convinced that the protection of the rights and interests of the people of the Free Territory requires the very early resolution of the problem, it is hoped that the Soviet Government will communicate its views at an early date concerning the procedure to be followed for the joint consideration of the matter by the powers concerned.”

While, in event Soviet rejection or failure reply new representations, Dept in general in agreement Brit proposal further statement reaffirming intention remain US/UK zone pending a just settlement Trieste problem, we consider final determination next move must await developments during period 3 or 4 weeks subsequent delivery June 1 note.

Dept most desirous French continue support joint position re Trieste and hope French will be prepared address new note to Soviets simultaneously with US and UK on June 1. We shd also be grateful for French support of any further US/UK statement re our intentions remain in Trieste until satisfactory settlement. We shall of course consult with French re all further moves which we may contemplate in order satisfactorily resolve Trieste problem. Dept most appreciative close collaboration FonOff this matter.4

Sent Paris 1843 rptd London 1953, Rome 1494, Trieste 267, Moscow 606.

  1. In this telegram, not printed, Caffery reported that the British Embassy in Paris had proposed that France, the United States and the United Kingdom again approach the Soviet Government for a reply to their communications of April 16 (860S.00/5–2048).
  2. The note, dated June 1, is printed in the Department of State Bulletin, June 13, 1948, p. 778.
  3. See p. 525, and footnote 3.
  4. In telegram 2870, May 29, not printed, Caffery reported that the French would on June 1 at 3 p. m. GMT transmit to the Soviet Embassy a note substantially the same as that of the Department (860S.00/5–2948).

    In despatch 841 of June 2, not printed, Caffery forwarded the text of the French note (860S.00/6–248).