860S.00/4–1648: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Secretary of State


Niact 2000. Foreign Office and British Embassy both inform me that agreement has been reached between US, UK and France regarding reply to Soviet note of April 131 re Trieste (my 1981 April 15).2 The French will make public their reply tonight at midnight which is 6 p. m. EST.3

Sent Department 2000, repeated London 298, Rome 182.

  1. For the English translation of the text of the Soviet note of April 13, see the Department of State Bulletin, April 26, 1948, p. 549.

    In telegram 1733 of April 14, note printed, Dunn reported that the Soviet rejection of the proposal to return Trieste to Italy was prominently reported in most of the Rome newspapers (860S.00/4–1448).

  2. Not printed (860S.00/4–1648).
  3. In despatch No. 571, April 19, not printed, Caffery forwarded the text of the French note delivered to the Soviet Ambassador on April 16 (860S.00/4–1948).

    The text of the note delivered by the Department to the Soviet Embassy in Washington, and released to the press at 2300 hours GMT April 16, was sent to London in Niact 1355 which was repeated to Paris, Rome, Moscow, Trieste and Belgrade, not printed (860S.00/4–1648). For text see Department of State bulletin, April 25, 1948, p. 549.